Zephyr - Bio Wrap


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The Zephyr model is influenced by the early 1970’s outlines from Hawaii. A few modern twists combined with a flat rocker and diamond rails, the Zephyr comes with a round tail to help with keeping hold in hollow sections and to help with smooth rail to rail flow.

Complete with a single fin box, to give it that retro feel, it is suited to high line speed trims and classic layback hacks. An essential piece of equipment for every surfers quiver when you want  a refreshing experience.

The Zephyr is best suited to most waves up to 6’.

We recommend you order to suit your desired outcome. If you're not sure please contact us here.

About Bio Wrap Technology Bio Wrap Technology utilises the internationally acclaimed Carbon Wrap technology, with the incorporation of eco friendly materials. In place of Carbon the Bio Wrap uses Basalt Tape and an epoxy bio resin with a 100% recyclable EPS core.

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