Almond Twin


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Almond Twin
Almond Twin
Almond Twin
Almond Twin

THE ALMOND      The almond is a tribute to the late 1960’s ‘tracker’ models. Great for long drawn out turns and high line trimming. It features a rolled v displacement hull and has the glide expected from a board with these characteristics. A go to on all point waves from tiny to head high +..

DMS almond 21 64-2112-234-(40-55L)

DMS almond 21 66-21-2916-(37-88L)

DMS almond 21 67-2118-258-(39-55L)

DMS almond 21 68-2114-21116-(41-27L)

DMS almond 21 69-2138-234-(43-03L)

DMS almond 21 610-2112-21316-(44-83L)

DMS almond 21 611-2158-278-(46-79L)

DMS almond 21 70-2134-21516-(48-69L)

DMS almond 21 71-2178-3-(50-62L)

DMS almond 21 72-22-3116-(52-6L)

DMS almond 21 73-2218-318-(54-7L)

DMS almond 21 74-2214-3316-(56-77L)

DMS almond 21 75-2238-314-(58-89L)

DMS almond 21 76-2212-3516-(61-06L)


The Almond is a mid length single-fin board that has a rounded pin tail with some extra width under your chest. Thriving in overhead down the line waves, this board will let you take lines you never thought you would. The DMS Almond stokes out the retro surfing tradition while still providing a quality performance ride.Best for surfers who want a bit of a throwback board.” – Boardcave.

“Nice.” –  mayhemb3_mattbiolos on Instagram

“Big thanks to you buddy got to get some wax on that thing.” – colinw on Instagram.


Almond Twin
Almond Twin
Almond Twin
Almond Twin

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