Carny SW


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Carny SW
Carny SW
Carny SW
Carny SW
Carny SW

The Carny SW (Short Wide) model is built for speed and tight pocket surfing in less powerful conditions. A fusion between the Crumpet and Actor models, it features a fuller outline with a more standard nose that will help you glide over flat sections. 

Combine all this with a pulled in tail to keep it performance based. A single to double concave married with a soft diamond rail and flatter rocker will get you up to speed quickly and knifing through turns. A performance shortboard designed for less powerful waves.

The Carny SW is best suited to mid range waves up to 6ft for intermediate to advanced surfers.

We recommend to order 1-3" shorter than your regular performance shortboard..

DMS Carny SW 20  55-1914-2316-(24-75L)

DMS Carny SW 20  56-1938-214-(26-01L)

DMS Carny SW 20  57-1912-2516-(27-32L)

DMS Carny SW 20  58-1958-238-(28-66L)

DMS Carny SW 20  59-1934-2716-(30-08L)

DMS Carny SW 20  510-1978-212-(31-44L)

DMS Carny SW 20  511-20-2916-(32-89L)

DMS Carny SW 20  60-2018-258-(34-37L)

DMS Carny SW 20  61-2014-21116-(35-90L)

DMS Carny SW 20  62-2038-234-(37-44L)

DMS Carny SW 20  63-2012-21316-(39-05L)

DMS Carny SW 20  64-2058-278-(40-69L)

DMS Carny SW 20  65-2034-21516-(42-38L)

DMS Carny SW 20  66-2078-3-(44-12L)

DMS Carny SW 20  67-21-3116-(45-89L)

DMS Carny SW 20  68-2118-318-(47-70L)


The Carny Small Wave Groveller by DMS is a great smaller day board for when the waves aren’t as good as you want but you still need to be out there.” –

“One of the best boards we’ve ridden this year, the DMS Carny in Carbon Wrap construction is a really fast, fun, dynamic and connected ride that I think would suit most surfers in most conditions.” – Ben from Benny’s Boardroom.







Carny SW
Carny SW
Carny SW
Carny SW
Carny SW

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