GHERKIN 5'6 X 21 X 2 3/4 @36.5L @L FUTURESX5 INJECTION TECH #837


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GHERKIN 5'6 X 21  X 2 3/4 @36.5L @L FUTURESX5 INJECTION TECH #837
GHERKIN 5'6 X 21  X 2 3/4 @36.5L @L FUTURESX5 INJECTION TECH #837

Just like the well-known American delicacy, the Gherkin is short, wide and flat, and as quick as the fast food haunts you’d get one from.  The accentuated crown tail provides for some extra bite and control through turns and flies over flat sections of the wave. Merging the nose entry from our Crumpet model with the tail shape and v off the tail of the Crown model, the Gherkin blends performance and flow creating a user friendly surfboard.  

The Gherkin can be ridden in a much shorter length that your standard shortboard and is the ideal board for those conditions you’d normally opt to ride a longboard.

DMS gherkin 19 410-20-214-(24-92L)

DMS gherkin 19 411-2018-2516-(26-22L)

DMS gherkin 19 50-2014-238-(27-57L)

DMS gherkin 19 51-2038-2716-(28-96L)

DMS gherkin 19 52-2012-212-(30-51L)

DMS gherkin 19 53-2058-2916-(31-86L)

DMS gherkin 19 54-2034-258-(33-39L)

DMS gherkin 19 55-2078-21116-(34-94L)

DMS gherkin 19 56-21-234-(36-53L)

DMS gherkin 19 57-2118-21316-(38-16L)

DMS gherkin 19 58-2114-278-(39-83L)

DMS gherkin 19 59-2138-21516-(41-55L)

DMS gherkin 19 510-2112-3-(43-3L)

DMS gherkin 19 511-2158-3116-(45-11L)

DMS gherkin 19 60-2134-318-(46-96L)


"Generally when you have a really wide tail it can limit your turning capacity but it seemed to hold an edge really well. I think pointbreak waves is where this board really excels because it has that flow and liveliness and you don’t really have to work to much in between your turns. I don’t want to give it back [laughs].” – Asher on Tracks Magazine

2017 Tracks Ride Guide - DMS from Tracks Magazine on Vimeo.



5.0 star rating
 8 Oct 2020 review 
Love it! Insane insane insane only rode it once total game changer really fast and turns great

Michael B.
5.0 star rating
10/01/20 DMS- Gherkin 5’6”
Fun board! I’m 5’10”, 190 lb and got the 5’6” Gherkin. Its wide stubby outline floats well and glides through flat sections on small days with ease. A must-have in your quiver.

5.0 star rating 09/29/20
 Nice Groveler Board..Extremely light, with plenty of float. Board is fast on weak waves and responds well, playing around with some fin set ups to see what works best.

5.0 star rating  2 Sep 2020 review
Been riding this board in mostly waist high or less waves right now and all I can say is it's one of the fastest boards I've ever had. Even at only 5'2 it turns great, good cutbacks, and fast over flat spots.
Review by Joaquin S. on 16 Aug 2020 review stating Impressed!
I was amazed when two days after I ordered my board it appeared at my house. I’ve never experienced such instant gratification on a surfboard order! Talk about efficiency ! Brilliant packing job. No dings or scratches. When I pulled out my gherkin, Wait... that sounds bad. When I pulled out my beautiful , ultra light board, I was impressed with the craftsmanship and the overall design of the Gherkin. I can’t wait to get it in the water. 
Aurelien B.
5.0 star rating  25 May 2020review stating DMS
Outstanding board ,so fast .Very enjoyable ride on any size specially in smaller wave but can handle head high wave .I surfed it as a quad and thruster ,both worked well.The quad was like a high speed train .The speed is not describable ,highly recommended !

 5.0 star rating Review by Antonio on 15 Aug 2020review stating In love with the gherkinThis thing movies fast down the line and turns on a dime. Siiiick!

Pat.Victoria 5'7 Injection tech .Got my board yesterday and surfed it this morning in 1-2ft clean conditions.Goes like a rocket in small stuff, very poppy off the bottom, board is so light and looks great as well.I love it-thanks to you and the team at DMS..

GHERKIN 5'6 X 21  X 2 3/4 @36.5L @L FUTURESX5 INJECTION TECH #837
GHERKIN 5'6 X 21  X 2 3/4 @36.5L @L FUTURESX5 INJECTION TECH #837

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